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Monday, December 13, 2010

Vintage Lace Square

One of the lady's in the crochet group I belong too (AtMyHouse) made and shared the pattern she used.  I thought this square was lovely and wondered what it would look like in some Christmasy colors.  The pattern can be found here and below is my results.  Thanks Dobey for sharing this really easy pattern, and I hope you don't get too cold tonight - hehehehe - I still got some soup left from dinner :-)  Love ya!

Monday, December 6, 2010

Well, another day of crocheting.  After 45 potholders, 20 hotpads, 10 towel rings, 12 slippers, endless count of dishcloth/facecloths & scrubbies, I have finished this day with 15 Angel Dishcloths, which were a breaze to do and the pattern can be found here .  So cruising the highway of crochet patterns what do my eyes find but a couple of really cute and easy Bangle Bracelets, you can find the patterns on Don't Eat The Paste,   what a great name!!!
Here are mine, along with one of the 15 Angel Dishclothes:

Until, next time...May your days be merry and bright......and may ALL your Christmas' be white!!  :-)

Monday, November 15, 2010

New Dishcloth or Facecloth

Found this pattern just the other day on Crochetville, gave it a try.  My thoughts?  Very easy to follow along with the pattern, it whipped up quickly, only a few hours.  It is called "Just the way I like it, Dishcloth"  which can be found over there on Crochetville   I left mine in a triangle so the tip fits in glass jars and such, and I gave it a border instead of the recommended non-border only because I like a finished edge.  Karen did a very good job on this and can be found on Crochetville as well as her own blog over at .

Think I'll make a few more in blues to go in my bathroom.  I like a good facecloth on my face and I believe this one will fit the bill.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Quick Thick Doily

Just one of today's projects that got "whipped up" today.  Sure is gloomy here in South Central Kentucky, great day to watch football and crochet.

Also finished up 3 sets of coasters, 5 pencil holder covers and a pair of slippers.  Boy my arms are tired - lolol

Have a great night or day where ever you are

Monday, November 8, 2010

Tea Bag Pouch for Crochet

If you find any mistakes, and you will as this is my very first written pattern, please e-mail me at DebbiePooh, and let me know. 

Converted to crochet from the knitted pattern found at


Small amount of yarn you would use for a dishcloth, I am using baby yarn with a filament in it that I use for my scrubbies in the kitchen.
E hook  (though I am sure a larger hook and thicker yarn can be used to)
((IF using a larger hook and thicker yarn/thread, make sure you measure – I used a tea bag in a sealed pouch – but the body with tapered lid should measure about 7 ½ “))
Couple of straight pins
Small snap
Darning needle
Matching sewing thread and needle to attach snap

Row 1:    Ch 19, work 18 sc, ch 1, turn
Rows 2 – 28:  18 sc,  ch 1 turn
Row 29:  sctg first two spaces, 14 sc, sctg last two stitches, ch1, turn
Row 30:   sctg first two spaces, 12 sc, sctg last two stitches, ch 1, turn
Row 31:   sctg first two spaces, 10 sc, sctg last two stitches, ch 1, turn
Row 32   sctg first two spaces, 8 sc, sctg last two stitches, ch 1, turn
Row33: sctg first two spaces, 6 sc, sctg last two stitches, ch 1, turn
Row 34: sctg first two spaces, 4 sc, sctg last two stitches, ch 1, turn
Row 35:  sctg first two spaces, 2 sc, sctg last two stitches, ch 1, turn
Row 36:   sctg first two spaces & the last two stitches, fasten off.

With wrong side facing you, fold bottom of the piece up at row 15/16,  place a pin on either side to hold.
Your piece should resemble a small envelope.

At this point you could either use same yarn and whip stitch the sides together, or use same yarn or contrasting yarn and using a sc, sew the sides together.

Here, I am going to use contrasting red thread and sc the sides together and put a fancy edge on the tea bag lip.

My edging:

Using a 4 steel hook and 2 strands of #10 cotton thread in red at a bottom corner, sc evenly spaced up the side.
Starting at the corner of the fold over lid, *1sc, sk 1, 5 dc in next stitch * repeat till you get to the opposite side and sc evenly spaced down . Fasten off, weave in ends.

At this point you can add a button and a little chain to keep this shut or choose velcro (which I should have done - LOL) or attach a snap (mental note:  choose a snap larger than an ant, it might work better as mine came out off center).  Antyhoooooo centering the snap, sewing it on.  Insert tea bags and off you go in style.

This same concept can be used for business cards and credit cards.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Little Crochet Organizer Pouch

Here is my latest little project.  I started out with the outside of the "hook roll-up", as I dubbed it, but knew it was missing something...............but what????  So I posed a question to the yahoo groups I belong to and asked them what they used to organized their hooks, needles and stuff they use for crocheting.  I got a ton of answers :-),  from pretty 5" vases to hold hooks, to organized 'scatter' all over a computer desk, to plastic M&M containers.  I myself like organized little spaces, something I can grab and go at a moments notice (though I don't leave the house but 3-4 times a month - lol).  Sew (there I go again playing with words - lol) I read, I researched, I gazed at pretty things I could buy, and at 2:00am CT, I finished it!!!!  So, (I mean sewwwwwwwwwww), whatdoya think???  Daughter and I even threw it like a football to make sure NOTHING fell out - success & TOUCHDOWN!!!!!!!!  6 points for the Poohster!!

Have a great and beautiful day my friends, I think I just might be ready for a mid-morning nap (don't tell anyone, I've been up about 31 hours)
Hugs and Hooks ~ Pooh
Footnote-Nov 13, 2010 - This pattern is being tested now and should be up as a free pattern here soon.  Have patience :-)

Monday, October 25, 2010

Starflake Christmas Coaster

A pattern I'm working up, my own design.  Have to write up the pattern now. Thanks for looking.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Another night of crochet playing

Played around with a pattern for a Face Scrubbie #2

And this is the beginning of  Rose Ripple Potholder by Delight Gems .     I ran out of green so 2yr old granddaughter is now walking around with it on her head.  Think tomorrow I'll attach it to a large hair comb for her to wear.  They're so sweet at that age  :-)

Thanks for looking, guess I'm off to continue working on my Granny Cardigan.  Hugs and Sweet Dreams!!!  :-)

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Still Learning...

Today I decided to try and make a flower using my stash of DMC floss and a 2.00 steel crochet hook.  I used to cross stitch ALOT (putting that mildly) but my hands will not allow me to hold a little sewing needle anymore, so crochet hooks have all been getting a workout as I refresh my memory and try new things.  Had to make a thick handle to put that little hook in in order for me to hold it without my hands going numb up to my shoulders (18 thousand feet of bandaide tape works wonders - lol)
My first try at a flower was helped along by Lee Ann Hamm over at   who did a wonderful job writing directions this little ol' lady could follow (though I did have to use the WWW to find out how to do a d tr stitch (never heard of it before now).

After using two different blues for the pansy I trimmed it in silver fillament.  It really does look better than this picture I took, my camera was worse at taking the pic than the camera on my old cell phone took.  

So see?  Even this 53 yr old Nana can still learn something new :-)

Have a great day and thanks for looking !!!!!