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Friday, October 29, 2010

Little Crochet Organizer Pouch

Here is my latest little project.  I started out with the outside of the "hook roll-up", as I dubbed it, but knew it was missing something...............but what????  So I posed a question to the yahoo groups I belong to and asked them what they used to organized their hooks, needles and stuff they use for crocheting.  I got a ton of answers :-),  from pretty 5" vases to hold hooks, to organized 'scatter' all over a computer desk, to plastic M&M containers.  I myself like organized little spaces, something I can grab and go at a moments notice (though I don't leave the house but 3-4 times a month - lol).  Sew (there I go again playing with words - lol) I read, I researched, I gazed at pretty things I could buy, and at 2:00am CT, I finished it!!!!  So, (I mean sewwwwwwwwwww), whatdoya think???  Daughter and I even threw it like a football to make sure NOTHING fell out - success & TOUCHDOWN!!!!!!!!  6 points for the Poohster!!

Have a great and beautiful day my friends, I think I just might be ready for a mid-morning nap (don't tell anyone, I've been up about 31 hours)
Hugs and Hooks ~ Pooh
Footnote-Nov 13, 2010 - This pattern is being tested now and should be up as a free pattern here soon.  Have patience :-)


  1. Okay girl write out the pattern now it's wonderful!!!

  2. I love it and the colors are beautiful

  3. What a talent you are! Wow! You have spurredan idea in my had as well! Luckyjo

  4. This is a beautiful hook case.Very nice work

  5. this is so cute! i am a beginner crochet-er, and I would LOVE to learn how to make this.

  6. Hi, there! I was just wondering if this pattern is available? Would Love to make one of these. What a Great idea.